What does “Over the Counter” Mean?

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Over the counter (OTC) medications are the most used drugs in the United States. OTC medications are drugs that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription. They are considered safe for your body. Many vitamins and allergy drugs are over the counter drugs. Common pain medicines like Motrin can be bought over the counter. OTC medications can be found in a local pharmacy. Pharmacists are experts with drugs and how they work. Ask your pharmacist if you have any OTC drug questions.

All over the counter medications have instructions on how to take them. They are considered safe and effective when taken right. Make sure to follow the drug’s directions to stay safe and healthy. Not following directions may lead to unwanted side effects. Stop taking the medicine that caused the side effects and call your doctor. It is important to be honest about the medications you take with your doctor. Your doctor should always know what OTC medicines you take.

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