Holiday Eating

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The holidays are coming quickly and this means spending time with family and friends whether in person or on-line. One of the hardest things about the holidays is making sure you are eating healthy to keep a healthy weight. This is a hard time for everyone to manage what we are eating. With a few tips on how to eat healthier options and making a plan in advance can help keep the calories down and the holiday weight off. 

Holiday gatherings usually mean a whole host of comfort foods and delicious treats await. It is important to make a plan and stick to a few simple steps to help get through the holidays. It is important to look over the options available and only choose the foods you love. Do not just load up on everything on down the buffet line. Be sure to take your time and use those calories wisely. When deciding to go back for a second helping, first take 10 minutes to let your food settle and give your stomach enough time to let your brain know just how full you are feeling. 

Do not ignore the fruit and veggie platters. They can make for an excellent snack before meals and as great side dish options. It is also important to not starve yourself in preparation for the main meal. This will help to prevent over eating on items that might not be as good for you. If you do finish your meal early and you might be tempted to get more food. Instead, try socializing and spread some holiday cheer! The more active you are; the less time you will spend eating. Keeping your mind busy will also take your mind off food. You can also stay physically active by taking walks with family members if the weather permits. Be prepared and plan to fit in some time for some exercise activity.  Even a short walk can have a positive impact in helping you keep your goals. 

Watch the drinks and desserts! Alcoholic drinks have very little nutritional value and offer little but empty calories. They can also change your judgment and cause you to eat more than you might have planned. Desserts are also very high in calories and do not have much else for nutrition. Try a smaller portion of your favorite dessert instead. Make sure to slow down and savor each bite. With these tips and tricks, you can make it through the holidays and come New Year’s, we won’t have the guilt and fear of the scale. 

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