Different types of COVID-19 testing

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There are many different options for COVID-19 virus test. There are diagnostic tests and antibody tests. There is two different diagnostic test. The two are molecular (PCR) and antigen tests.

Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test tells us if a person has a current infection of COVID-19. Some people have no signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Diagnostic test will help to see if the person needs be isolated.

Molecular Test (PCR) 

Molecular testing is also called as PCR test. A healthcare provider will collect sample fluid from your nose, throat, or saliva. Your sample will be sent to a lab to see if it will detect any genetic materials from the COVID-19 virus. The molecular test can take up to three days for results. There is always a chance for false positives and negatives. The molecular test is very accurate so you will not need another test.

Antigen Test (Rapid test)

We call substances that do not belong to the normal human body antigens. The antigen test will find if you have any antigens from the COVID-19 virus. The sample will be collected just like a molecular test. The results can be found within 15 minutes at the location of the testing site. The antigen test is less accurate than the molecular test. Your doctor can ask for a molecular test if the test result comes out negative.

Antibody Test

Antibodies are proteins that are created to fight off things that do not belong to our body. The antibody test looks for the antibodies created because of a previous COVID-19 infection. An antibody test cannot be used to diagnose active COVID-19 infection. This is because antibodies can take up to several weeks to be created. A blood sample is commonly collected for the antibody test. It is important to note that the COVID-19 vaccine can cause our body to produce these antibodies.

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