Sharps Disposal

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Needles are used to give many different medications. Needles must be disposed in “sharps container”. This container is made from thick plastic with a lid. This will prevent injury. Needles should never be thrown away in the common trash. Keep sharps containers away from children or pets. Syringes, lancets and any other sharp devices should be thrown away in this type of container. You can order these containers from the FDA. They come in big and small sizes.

You can also use containers from home. Empty laundry detergent containers can be used. The container should be thick so that needles cannot penetrate it. Make sure all containers have a lid. The container cannot have leaks. Do not overfill container. Tightly seal container. The container must be labeled as “Sharps biohazard. Do not recycle”. 

You should dispose of the sharps container when it is two-thirds full. Do not reuse the sharps container. This can increase the risk of injury. Contact your local authority to learn how to dispose of this container. Some companies can pick up these containers from your home. There are drop off sites as well. For St. Louis disposal call Medical Waste Pros at (314) 658-9351. For all other information call 1-800-643-1643.

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