Negative COVID-19 test? Could I still be positive?

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There are many different COVID tests on the market. There are rapid tests that take 15 minutes to get your result. There are also tests that get sent to a lab which may take 2-4 days to get your result. The rapid tests are unfortunately not as reliable as the lab tests. The rapid tests do give you a much quicker result though.

If you test negative on a rapid test, you could still have COVID. This is especially true if you have specific symptoms (loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath). We like to call this a “presumed positive.” If you test negative with symptoms it may be necessary to also get a lab test done. The lab test will give you more validation on your results. If you choose to not get the second lab test, it is safe for you to assume you may have COVID based on your specific symptoms. It is important to isolate for 10 total days from the start of your symptoms until you are sure of your result. It is important to realize though that even if your lab test is negative, you are still sick. Always wear your mask in public and stay home if at all possible.

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